Lwówek Śląski

Lwówek Śląski - located in Bobru Valley, known as the Land of Agates, has an unspoiled nature and a thousand years of charming history and rich forms of nature. The numerous well-preserved monuments are excellent testimony of the city's rich history. There are almost 100 km of bicycle trails and 130 km of pedestrians trails in the commune. Thanks to the rich agate deposits and the annual Lwówek's Agate Summer held in mid-July, Lwówek Śląski changes into the Polish mineralogical capital. Here there are historical buildings and places that you have to see!!!


Lwówek Śląski Town Hall - an architectural pearl among structures of this type.

The history of the Lwówek Śląski Town Hall reaches back to the twelfth century, when the building was erected during the reign of Duke Bolesław Rogatka as a Merchants' house. The town hall was expanded in the early sixteenth century, by adding a tower among other things. Today's appearance is the result of work from the beginning of the twentieth century. The Regional Museum is located in the town hall. While in Lwówek Śląski you need to go inside and see the well-preserved interior finish.


The oldest brewery in Poland

Beer has been brewed in Lwówek Śląski since the year 1209. To this day it is made in accordance with traditional recipes, which is why it is regarded as one of the tastiest beers in Poland. Lwówek Śląski was granted city rights and the privilege of brewing beer in 1209 from Henry I the Bearded. In accordance with the law, the city had a monopoly on selling its drink within a radius of one mile, which led to disputes with noble breweries in other cities. In 1580, the Lutheran Order of Saint John, a protestant knighthood, launched their brewery here. Legend states that once a monk drowned in the vat and the brewed beer at that time was extremely delicious. Consumers began to insist that always "a monk would be added" to the beer.


Lubań Gate Tower

The Bolesław Gate Tower - city fortifications, Lwówek Śląski's ramparts is one of the best preserved in Lower Silesia. There is a vantage point in one of the towers from which the noble view of the city and the surrounding area can be admired.


Lwówek Śląski Churches

The Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Francis of Assisi - are amazing souvenirs history. Churches in Lwówek Śląski represent all styles and periods of sacral construction and are proof of the unique history of this land.


Szwajcaria Lwówecka (Lwówek's Switzerland) and Skała z Medalionem (Medalionem Rock)

are among the wonderful rock monuments of nature. Szwajcaria Lwówecka, also known as Lwóweckie Skały (Lwówek Rocks), is a group of sandstone rocks similar to those that can be found in the Stołowe Mountains, but smaller. Still, they are the most wonderful sandstones in all of the Sudetes, aside from those found in the Stołowe Mountains.

In Lwówek Śląski and in the surrounding cities there are no lack of impressive palaces and castles with a colourful past - from the medieval ruins of the Błotny castle in Radłówka, the renaissance palace in Płakowice, the original palace complex in Brunów, to the characteristic Hohenzollern Palace in the heart of the city - today the seat of the city government.

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